Western PAC

Since our founding in 2009, Western PAC has been a leader in the effort to return control of America back to the people as was intended by our Founding Fathers. We saw how our liberties and freedoms were slowly being eroded by a cast system of crony politicians who campaign on conservative principles and representation of their constituents but vote the will of their masters on K Street.

We knew that the job would not be easy or happen overnight. Our funding has never come from billionaires or special interest groups, many of which have funded groups that make the appearance of protecting the “little people” but are in reality, front groups to push their own agenda or generate profits for their founders.

The America we grew up in is in grave danger of being lost as our elected officials sell us out to the highest bidder. The idea that we have our representatives passing legislation that effects our nation without even reading it should make alarm bells go of in the head of every American. It is up to us to sound the alarm for those who have stopped paying attention.

Each of us individually is limited to what we can do to fight back. Together, we are a voice that cannot be silenced. Join the fight and make freedom ring once again.